RIP Walter Cronkite, the “Most Trusted Man in America”

A great American journalist Walter Cronkite died this evening. For those of us who grew up in a day when there were only three television channels, Cronkite pioneered television journalism and became the “Most Trusted Man in America.” His influence was reflected in this quote from President Lyndon Johnson: “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America.” Unlike so many of today’s so-called journalists, Cronkite did not aspire to be a pundit, but simply to tell it, in the phrase he used to sign off each evening, “the way it is.”

 Here is the bulletin CBS News bulletin this evening announcing Cronkite’s death:

Play Me, I’m Yours

Luke Jerram creates live arts projects. This summer he has placed thirty pianos around London (  Each is uniquely decorated and all say, in big letters, “Play Me, I’m Yours.” There’s a wonderful slideshow of people interacting with the piano’s at
An of course, there is a growing body of YouTube videos of people playing the pianos. Here are some of my favorites so far:
“I’m A Believer” on Carnaby Street

You can also watch this pianist lead choruses of “Hey Jude,” “Help Me,” and “Daydream Believer.” 
The Gents: “Let’s Have Us a Singy Song” in Soho Square and on Carnaby Street

Katzenjammer Play 24 Pianos in 8 Hours

Here’s one where the piano at the Millenium Bridge is used in a rather more high production number:
Andrew Balkwell “Nothing (‘Bout Your Girl)”