Morning shots

I was surprised this morning that we had bit of sun.  The forecast was for clouds and drizzle.  I grabbed my camera and headed out without a plan, looking for something to shoot.  As usual, I ended up at Honey Creek.

Four Mile Apple Orchard-2469
Apple orchard on Four Mile Road
Four Mile Apple Orchard-2480
Have you ever noticed how apple trees today don’t look like trees?
Four Mile Road
Four Mile Road
Four Mile Barn-2488
Four Mile Barn

EGR Reeds Lake-2522-2

EGR Reeds Lake-2498
Honey Creek
EGR Reeds Lake-2509
Ice Jewels

EGR Reeds Lake-2518EGR Reeds Lake-2517

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Winter

I visited Sleeping Bear Dunes in January to shoot some photos in winter. It was forecast to be a cloudy day, but when I arrived, the sun broke through the clouds and highlighted the top of Empire Bluff.  After shooting photos on Lake Michigan where Otter Creek enters the lake, I traveled to Good Harbor Bay, shot some photos near Shalda Creek, and then hiked through the woods to get to the beach below Pyramid Point.

Sleeping Bear Dunes-2177
The sun shining on Empire Bluff. South Manitou Island in the distance.

Sleeping Bear Dunes-2188Sleeping Bear Dunes-2194Sleeping Bear Dunes-2198

Sleeping Bear Dunes-2199
Otter Creek

Sleeping Bear Dunes-2257Sleeping Bear Dunes-2220Sleeping Bear Dunes-2224Sleeping Bear Dunes-2228

Sleeping Bear Dunes-2230
The D.H. Day farm
Sleeping Bear Dunes-2231
The D.H. Day farm
Sleeping Bear Dunes-2236
The D.H. Day farm
Sleeping Bear Dunes-2280
Shalda Creek
Sleeping Bear Dunes-2278
Shalda Creek flowing into Good Harbor Bay
Sleeping Bear Dunes-2244
Shalda Creek flowing into Good Harbor Bau

Sleeping Bear Dunes-2204Sleeping Bear Dunes-2254Sleeping Bear Dunes-2269Sleeping Bear Dunes-2307Sleeping Bear Dunes-2289Sleeping Bear Dunes-2322