Diversey Harbor at Dawn

In Chicago this weekend, I went to Diversey Harbor to catch the sunrise, envisioning a photograph at dawn with the windmill-evoking sculpture “Chevron,” by John Henry. Here are the results.

Chevron by John Henry-3284
“Chevron,” by John Henry. Diversey Harbor, Chicago Illiniois. Shot in the minutes before sunrise.
Chevron at dawn-
“Chevron,” by John Henry, at sunrise.
Chicago Skyline-3285
A Chicago skyline at dawn, from Diversey Harbor


The Polar Vortex brought subzero windchills to west Michigan.  Lake Michigan has remained fairly ice free this winter.  So the northwest winds these last few days have cranked up the lake effect snow machine, which hit squarely on Saugatuck, Michigan.  So, of course, I had to go check it out.  On a chilly Saturday morning I headed off to explore.  Here are some of the photos I took.

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2727Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2916Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2918Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2724

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2720
Burr Tillstrom was the creator of Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2715Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2825

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2815
The radar station atop Mount Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2787
Two hundred eighty-two steps to the top of Mt. Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2745
Atop Mt. Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2743
Saugatuck from atop Mt. Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2751
It’s a long, slippery way down.
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2755
Looking down at the Kalamazoo River

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2776

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2733
The Kalamazoo River

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2828Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2798Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2927

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2840
Oval Beach on Lake Michigan

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2831Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2830Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2856

Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2883
New Richmond Bridge
Saugatuck 20160213 pano-
Panoramic shot of the Kalamazoo River at New Richmond Bridge Park

Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2878