Up before Dawn

Up early today, as usual.  I went down to the Grand River to catch some photos as the sun came up. The Sixth Street Bridge, seen in these photos, was erected in 1886 and is the longest and oldest metal truss bridge in Michigan. I have added a bonus, after -dawn, photo of the Sparrow Coffee Shop on Wealthy.img_6058img_6057img_6053img_6070


Crockery Creek Natural Area

Today was an unusually warm day in an unusually warm winter. I drove out Leonard Avenue to Spring Lake, stopping along the way at the Crockery Creek Natural Area, an Ottawa County park.  The trails were too muddy to trek down to the river.  So, I concentrated my time taking photos of the Centennial Farm buildings. (Click on an image to see it larger.)

The Dawning Light on a Cold Winter Morning

Out before dawn on a clear morning in Grand Rapids. We have had precious little sunshine this winter, so the prospect of a brilliant sunrise was exciting. But, the temperatures were in single digits this morning, and my digits just could not tolerate the cold. I snapped a couple of photos in downtown Grand Rapids and one on Reeds Lake before heading back to the coffee shop to thaw out.

Before the dawn on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids.