Lumbering in Michigan

I enjoy reading about Michigan’s timber industry in the 1800 and 1900s. When I visit a place like Hartwick Pines, a preserve of virgin white pine near Grayling or the Valley of the Giants (virgin cedar trees) on South Manitou Island, I stand in awe of the massive trees and imagine what it must have been like when virgin forests covered much of the state.  Except for a few places like Hartwick Pines and South Manitou, the virgin forests are gone.  Today I came across this film from the 1950s with vintage images of lumbering in Michigan as the industry moved into the modern age.

Timber Harvest from Seeking Michigan on Vimeo.

Harnessing the Wind

William Kamkwamba has told his amazing story of ingenuity at TED here and here. Kamkwamba, as a 14 year old in a village in Malawi, saw a photo in a book of a windmill.  Using whatever materials he could find, he built his own windmill to provide electricity for his family.  Here he speaks with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

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ArtPrize 2009: “salt & earth (2009)” by Young Kim

ArtPrize 2009 moves to phase two of the voting today. This afternoon they will announce the top 10 vote getters. From now to the end of the competition, the voting will be between those 10. (All 10 receive a cash award.) Over 32,000 people have registered to vote, casting over 320,000 votes in the first round.

One of the entries in the top 25 is salt & earth (2009), by Young Kim of Greensboro, North Carolina. Kim projects random pictures of people taken on the streets of Grand Rapids onto small piles of sand and clay. The result is incredible.