_MG_2261I am a practicing attorney and an amateur landscape photographer located in the State of Michigan in the United States.  I started this blog many years ago as a place for me to link to things of interest that I found on the Internet and that I might want to share with others.  It was a lot easier to tell people to go to my blog than to try to remember where all those interesting things were located on the net.  Over time, as my interest in photography became more serious, I decided to use this site primarily as a place to share my photography when someone asks to see it.

The word “amateur” comes from the Italian word “amatore,” which means one who does something for love rather than money.  That’s me.  I am not in the business of selling my photography. I pursue landscape photography as a way to enjoy the natural world and as a way to grow intellectually.  I enjoy studying the history of photography and the work of other landscape photographers, present day and from the past.

I am also not in the business of collecting “likes” or building a following. I genuinely appreciate it when one of my photos brings pleasure to someone else, but I photograph for me and not to become the next Internet sensation.  That said, I welcome you to subscribe to this site so you get an automatic email whenever I post new photos.  I don’t sell the list or send newsletters or other email to anyone who subscribes.

P.S.  I started this blog on a platform call Posterous, which eventually shut down. I then moved the blog to WordPress. The transition was not smooth and many links were broken in the process or have snapped over time. I have never gone back to fix or delete them, for which I apologize.

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