Billy Strings and Don Julin

Don Julin is a musician from Traverse City, Michigan, whom I have followed for a number of years.  He plays the mandolin and is the author of the recently released Mandolin for Dummies.  Until recently, I was only aware of Don’s talent as a jazz musician.

Turns out that Don is also a talented bluegrass musician.  Don has teamed up with a young man who goes by the name “Billy Strings.”  Billy is an incredible guitar player, and I mean incredible.  I got to hear Don and Billy play at Elderly Instruments, where I participated in a mandolin workshop taught by Don (with assist from Billy).  You can learn more about Don and Billy and listen to some songs from the recently issued album, “Rock of Ages,” by following this link.  And you can learn more about them by watching this brief documentary:

Micro-Episode #5: Billy & Don from andrea claire maio on Vimeo.