ArtPrize 2010: The Neighborhoods and the Venues

Like last year, ArtPrize has divided the central core of the city into 5 neighborhoods: Westside, City Center, Monroe North, Heartside and Hillside. ArtPrize will hold “Neighborhood Days” and “Neighborhood Parties,” to encourage people to view each of the neighborhoods.  This is a great idea. Last year, many people failed to get out of downtown to see some of the great art that was on display. For information on the neighborhoods, visit the ArtPrize site by clicking here. Here is a map showing the boundaries of the neighborhoods in the city’s core:


In addition, this year, ArtPrize has established the Fredrik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park as a venue and an Exhibition Center. Each Exhibition Center will exhibit over 25 artists selected by a curator from a regional cultural institution. There are 7 Exhibition Centers, including:

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