Paddling the Pine River

October 25, 2014 – I paddled the Pine River today with two good friends, Keith and Ken. We put in at Peterson Bridge, where the Pine crosses underneath M-37, and paddled down to the Low Bridge access, a distance of 8 miles. The Pine has been designated a National Scenic River. It is one of the fastest rivers in the lower peninsula, with an average gradient of 9.9 feet per mile and many Class I rapids as the river passes over large boulders and rock ledges.  This stretch passes through the Manistee National Forest and is wild and scenic most of the way.  We saw only two dwellings along the way.

Today was a beautiful day to paddle, with temperatures approaching the low 60s.  The skies were clear, and what colors were left on the trees reflected brightly in the sun.

There was much to photograph along the way, but the Pine requires two hands on your paddle most of the time. So those photos will have to remain in my mind’s eye.  But here are a few shots from a beautiful paddle. (Click on a photo to see a larger image.)