The Longest Inflatable Waterslide in the World

Rob Bliss is amazing. Bliss, who is a college student at Grand Rapids Community College, has brought remarkable events to Grand Rapids, including the Zombie Walk, the Chalk Flood, and the paper airplane (actually 100,000 paper airplanes) launch. Now he has raised money to build the longest inflatable waterslide in the world. And this weekend, Grand Rapids tried it out.

Set up on the Lyon Street hill, which runs through the campus of Grand Rapids Community College, the waterslide attracted over ten thousandriders who, in some cases, waited for over 2 hours to ride the slide. These pictures were taken around 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and the line already stretched a long way.

Bobby McFerrin Plays the Audience

In June, Bobby McFerrin was a panelist in at the World Science Festival. The panel explored whether our response to music is hard-wired or culturally determined. Here is a clip from the Festival where McFerrin gets the audience to improvise a song to demonstrate the universality of the pentatonic scale:

The whole conference can be seen at:  

Thanks to David Pogue of the NYTimes for directing my attention to this.