Finding fall colors on a gloomy day

A gloomy Saturday morning with periods of light rain.  But I ventured out to see what I could do.  We are on the receding side of the fall color show.  So I tried something a little different.  I used camera movement to create a softer, abstract view of fall.  With a little post-processing magic, I think the resulting images are interesting.

Each of these images was shot with a slow shutter speed, hand held.  As the shutter clicked, I moved the camera from bottom to top.Fall Colors 5 Mile Road-6232Fall Colors 5 Mile Road-6233Fall Colors 5 Mile Road-6240Fall Colors 5 Mile Road-6246

Fall’s Approach

The fall colors have generally yet to come to our area in West Michigan.  We are in the midst of a mini-drought (the third driest September since 1892).  We are seeing a lot of leaves simply dry up and fall off the trees with revealing their spectacular colors.

Still there are signs of fall.  The morning air has turned much cooler with lows dipping into the low forties and high thirties. This causes fog to form in low lying fields and especially around bodies of water, which still retain some of the warmth from our 80 and 90 degree temperatures from just a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday morning, in my wanderings, I drove across the Grand River in Ada and saw the mist rising from the water.  I turned around and found a boat launch where I could park and explore the waters edge.  Here are some photos.

Grand RiverM21 bridge over the Grand River

From the shores of the Grand it was just a short trip to Seidman Park and Honey Creek.  I brought along my waders so I could get down into the creek and get closer to the rocks.


The Dawning Light on a Cold Winter Morning

Out before dawn on a clear morning in Grand Rapids. We have had precious little sunshine this winter, so the prospect of a brilliant sunrise was exciting. But, the temperatures were in single digits this morning, and my digits just could not tolerate the cold. I snapped a couple of photos in downtown Grand Rapids and one on Reeds Lake before heading back to the coffee shop to thaw out.

Before the dawn on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids.


Fallasburg, Michigan, is a historic village about 20 miles east of Grand Rapids. Founded by John Wesley Fallas on the Flat River in 1839, Fallasburg was the home of a sawmill and chair factory, both long since gone. Today, a few houses, a barn, and a covered bridge are all that is left of Fallasburg.  The covered bridge, whose 100 feet span the Flat River, was built in 1871.