Point Betsie and beyond

I drove up to the Leelanau Peninsula early yesterday morning and stopped at the Point Betsie Lighthouse along the way.  The lighthouse was constructed in 1858.  In the winter it becomes a magical place of ice and light.  Point Betsie Lighthouse -7882aPoint Betsie Lighthouse -7851aPoint Betsie Lighthouse -7844aPoint Betsie Lighthouse -7841aPoint Beetsie Lighthouse- 7866aPoint Betsie Lighthouse-7897

A couple of shots of the Tweedle Farm near Empire in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore.

Tweedle Farm- 7911aTweedle Farm- 7914a

The Empire Lighthouse

Point Betsie Lighthouse 7920a

Shalda Creek where it passes under Bohemian Road.

Shalda Creek 7924a

The Crystal River at the first portgage.

Crystal River-7945

Fall’s Approach

The fall colors have generally yet to come to our area in West Michigan.  We are in the midst of a mini-drought (the third driest September since 1892).  We are seeing a lot of leaves simply dry up and fall off the trees with revealing their spectacular colors.

Still there are signs of fall.  The morning air has turned much cooler with lows dipping into the low forties and high thirties. This causes fog to form in low lying fields and especially around bodies of water, which still retain some of the warmth from our 80 and 90 degree temperatures from just a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday morning, in my wanderings, I drove across the Grand River in Ada and saw the mist rising from the water.  I turned around and found a boat launch where I could park and explore the waters edge.  Here are some photos.

Grand RiverM21 bridge over the Grand River

From the shores of the Grand it was just a short trip to Seidman Park and Honey Creek.  I brought along my waders so I could get down into the creek and get closer to the rocks.


Once More to the North

Once more to the north to shoot photos. Since the sun rises earlier each day, I had to get up even earlier to make the three hour drive and get to my shooting location before sunrise. Up at 3:00 a.m. and out the door by 3:15.

I started shooting on Good Harbor Bay, where Shalda Creek enters Lake Michigan. I had to share the area with a beaver, who was none too happy with my presence. I enjoyed shooting in “blue hour” before sunrise . . .

and the “golden hour” immediately after sunrise.

All that was missing, besides a good cup of coffee, was some clouds to make the sky more interesting.

From there, I headed back towards Glen Arbor, stopping at the Olsen Farm and along Thorosen Road to take a shot I envisioned a couple of weeks ago, when I was scouting the territory.

I next put on my waders and set up my tripod in the middle of the Crystal River, a meandering river that winds back and forth for seven miles from its origin on Fisher Lake to where it enters Lake Michigan.

The final stop was the Empire Bluff Trail, which offered a spectacular view of Sleeping Bear Dune.

Empire Bluff Pano 7151--3

Sleeping Bear Photo Shoot

Up at what my friend Mel calls “O dark early,” to travel to the Leelanau Peninsula to take some photos.  I wanted to be there before sunrise, which was about 7:15 a.m. So, I was up at 3:40 a.m. and out the door by 4:00 a.m. It was 3 degrees when I set up my tripod in a field overlooking Glen Lake.  I was rewarded with this photo. Not a bad start to the day.glen-lake-6151

From there, I headed to Glen Haven to walk along the shore of Sleeping Bear Bay to the point.  But first, I stopped to take a couple of photos along D.H. Day Farm Road.

Photos from along Sleeping Bear Bay:

Next to Shalda Creek where it flows into Good Harbor Bay.

Along M-72, on my way to Traverse City, I spotted these fruit trees and had to stop.




The Polar Vortex brought subzero windchills to west Michigan.  Lake Michigan has remained fairly ice free this winter.  So the northwest winds these last few days have cranked up the lake effect snow machine, which hit squarely on Saugatuck, Michigan.  So, of course, I had to go check it out.  On a chilly Saturday morning I headed off to explore.  Here are some of the photos I took.

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2727Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2916Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2918Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2724

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2720
Burr Tillstrom was the creator of Kukla, Fran and Ollie.

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2715Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2825

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2815
The radar station atop Mount Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2787
Two hundred eighty-two steps to the top of Mt. Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2745
Atop Mt. Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2743
Saugatuck from atop Mt. Baldy
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2751
It’s a long, slippery way down.
Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2755
Looking down at the Kalamazoo River

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2776

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2733
The Kalamazoo River

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2828Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2798Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2927

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2840
Oval Beach on Lake Michigan

Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2831Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2830Saugatuck 20160213 los res-2856

Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2883
New Richmond Bridge
Saugatuck 20160213 pano-
Panoramic shot of the Kalamazoo River at New Richmond Bridge Park

Saugatuck 20160213 low res-2878

Morning shots

I was surprised this morning that we had bit of sun.  The forecast was for clouds and drizzle.  I grabbed my camera and headed out without a plan, looking for something to shoot.  As usual, I ended up at Honey Creek.

Four Mile Apple Orchard-2469
Apple orchard on Four Mile Road
Four Mile Apple Orchard-2480
Have you ever noticed how apple trees today don’t look like trees?
Four Mile Road
Four Mile Road
Four Mile Barn-2488
Four Mile Barn

EGR Reeds Lake-2522-2

EGR Reeds Lake-2498
Honey Creek
EGR Reeds Lake-2509
Ice Jewels

EGR Reeds Lake-2518EGR Reeds Lake-2517