Touring the Meyer May House in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Meyer May House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a clothing retailer in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The house, which was completed in 1910, is located at 450 Madison S.E., in the Heritage Hill Historic District.  Information about the house can be found on Wikepedia and on the website maintained by Steelcase Inc., which has meticulously restored the house.


The Frederick C. Robie House

The Frederick C. Robie House, in Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  The Robies only occupied the house for a short time before Mr. Robie’s bicycle business went bankrupt.  Two other families lived in the house after the Robies, the last leaving the home in 1926.  The house was then purchased by the Chicago Theological Seminary, which on at least two occasions had plans to demolish the structure.

Today, the house is owned by the University of Chicago and is designated a National Historic Landmark.  Detailed information is available on Wikipedia and the website of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust